Updated the build scripts to support CFLAGS
September 08, 2018

In preparation for the next release of AryaLinux made a very significant change to the build scripts which I had been planning since a long time. The build scripts till now have been building generic systems because there was no provision of providing CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS to gcc for building the packages. Made subtle changes to the build scripts so that now that is supported as well. If you build Arya from source in the beginning if you choose to provide advanced options for building, you would be asked to specify the value for march, mtune and -O. The whole build would then proceed to build Arya optimized for your system. If you specify an optimization level as well like 2 or 3(1 is default) then the resulting system's performance would be better as well. Please look up the internet for the significance of march and mtune arguments for gcc to learn more.

Our release builds however would be generic as we cannot afford to build for a single architecture. So try building your own Aryalinux, you would have significant performance benefits by doing so.

AryaLinux 1.0 Aranya XFCE Spin Beta Released
July 15, 2018

Just released the beta version of AryaLinux 1.0 XFCE Spin. The UI is refreshed (Adapta Nokto GTK theme and Flat Remix Icon theme). The default audio and video applications are exaile and parole respectively. Libreoffice works out of the box and is the default Office suite and Chromium is the default browser. We chose Chromium over Midori(even thought midori was our first choice) because of the self-signed certificate issue of Midori. We are currently working on it. Apart from that rest of the application stack is similar to the Gnome release. We also rebuilt the kernel to fix some startup issues associated with some models of HP laptops. Download it here.

We would love to hear your review of the same. Please post any comments/suggestions to support@aryalinux.com.

Working on AryaLinux 1.0 Aranya - XFCE Spin
July 13, 2018

Finished the first build of AryaLinux 1.0 Aranya - XFCE Spin. The build looks good and would be soon making a beta release of the ISO. Few screenshots of the same are available in the screenshots section. The XFCE Spin would enable users with low-end resources to use AryaLinux. The base of this spin is going to be the same as that of the Gnome spin with XFCE 4.12. Working on applications to be shipped for the same but more or less finalized on the following applications - Audacious and Parole for multimedia, Chrome for browsing and Libreoffice suit of applications. Apart from these the other applications that would be a part of the default stack are Transmission, gparted, gimp, and simple-screen-recorder, grub-customizer, lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings, xfburn, xarchiver, ristretto and epdfview.

Added new options to alps
July 11, 2018

Added new options to alps. Alps now supports cleaning up the work directories and installing from source tarball URL. Its now easy to build and install packages whose build-scripts are not present in AryaLinux repositories using the src-install option. Just do alps src-install <url> passing the URL to the source tarball in the end and the package tarball would be downloaded and installed. Alps tries figuring out which build system is used by the package and does the build. More information here.

AryaLinux 1.0 Aranya Released
July 05, 2018

We are proud to present AryaLinux 1.0 Aranya. This is the first release of our build from scratch Gnome Spin and also the first release to be versioned with the new versioning system. This release features the Gnome 3.28 desktop environment, a new alps package installer scripts rewritten from scratch to be more flexible with dependencies, the latest stable kernel and a bunch of package upgrades. Also going forward the default desktop environment that would be shipped with AryaLinux would be Gnome3. We spent the last year and half in prefecting the build scripts that would build a gnome3 desktop with ease and perfection.

We have also made a lot of changes to the builder scripts so that more flexible options are presented before the build process starts and packages that are a part of the base system have also been updated. Read the full release notes here.

AryaLinux 2017 released
January 13, 2017

AryaLinux 2017 released with package updates and a new set of scripts to assist you in building from scratch. This is a 64 bit only release and would remain like this going forward. Complete support in the build scripts for KDE plasma environment and GNOME desktop environment has been provided in this release. Amongst the few things that missed out this release are the graphical frontend to alps. This would be released as a package in due course of time. Read the full release notes here.

AryaLinux 2016.12 in the making
January 13, 2017

We are currently working on the next version of AryaLinux and there are quiet an array of features that we intend to bundle with this release. Just to give a preview of the things we are working on currently, here they are:

AryaLinux features on Linux Format magazine
November 23, 2016

AryaLinux featured in the November 1st issue of Linux Format magazine. Many thanks to Shashank Sharma and the editorial team for the feature. This is the first time AryaLinux had been featured in a Linux technology magazine and so it means quiet a lot to us. Hope to get noticed even more(obviously for good reasons) in the times to come.